Swinging Harder Won't Cure Your Slice!

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Being a PGA of Canada golf instructor for the last 9 years, I have seen many golf swings and have heard many comments.  One of my favorites is,

“For some reason, when I swing really hard at the golf ball, it always goes slicing off into the bush!  But I swing slow, it goes a lot straighter.”

Well, here’s the quick and dirty why.  As much as you want to believe it’s the golf club preventing you from hitting it straight, you’re wrong.  Working at the big box retail store, I heard that one quite a bit too.

“I need an extra stiff shaft because I swing it hard.  I can drive it 543 yards on the fly!”


When asked what their ball speed is, the answer was always a shrug of the shoulders.  Well Superman, you’re hitting it crooked because your club path is incorrect.  More than likely an over-the-top wipe is occurring for a big slice to happen.

If we look at the ball flight laws here on the right, the most common flight I see is number 3, the Pull Slice.  For right handed golfers, when your club travels on path from right to left with an open club face, you’re going to a slice.  And the harder you swing, the more pronounced your swing flaw is going to be.

To cure this swing flaw, you need create the feeling of “swinging out.”  Take aim at your target and feel like you want to hit the ball 20 yards right of your target.  You’re also going to want to turn your hands over though impact to help square the club face through the hit zone.  By “swinging out” it should help promote a straighter club path to the ball.  If you begin hitting straight pushes, then you’ve started to over compensate and now you’re swinging too much out to the right.

Stay tuned, as I’m going to begin posting video golf tips to help improve your game.

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